3 reasons why a teacher-less classroom is not likely to happen

1 The teacher is key

Even if future learning will become more and more data driven, the teacher is the human footprint in the learning process. He is the counselor, the tower of strength, the one to trust, the crucial human interface. Being an ex-teacher and ex-principal I know that machine learning alone will not deliver the best outcome. Motivation is indispensable and besides the game mechanics in the learning platform of the future the teacher is no matter what key in the learning processes.

2 The teacher is more focussed on processes and skills

More then ever the teacher will focus on learning processes instead of just transferring content like they used to to for many decades. Teachers will be coaches and will support students to master content and skills. Especially some skills are not evident to master through digital learning. Behaviour analytics are as important as learning analytics. By observing students the teacher will be able to tone down outcomes.

3 The interpreter of progress

Parents just want to know if their child has made progress. What is progress? The teacher is the most important ‘interface’ to interpret all learning and behaviour analytics and see the wholeness of the pupil which a machine is not able to do. Progress is much more than ‘points’ and that’s were the teacher has a very important role to play.

The teacher is  and will remain the fondation of learning in the classroom.

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